Tips for moving to Lithuania: Before you go

Upon arrival in Lithuania, make sure you have the following:

  • A valid passport or identity card;
  • Your CV (English and/or Lithuanian advisable);
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates attesting to your qualifications along with translations into Lithuanian;
  • References from your former employers (if any), with translations into Lithuanian;
  • European Health Insurance Card;
  • A copy of your marriage certificate with a translation into Lithuanian;
  • Copies of your children’s birth certificates with translations into Lithuanian.

Prior to arrival in Lithuania, it is recommended:

  • To contact local and social security services and tax offices to find out how moving to Lithuania will affect your tax and benefit situation, and obtain appropriate documents;
  • To obtain U1 document from Public Employment Services;
  • To obtain U2 document from Public Employment Services (if you are receiving unemployment benefit);
  • Having sufficient funds to live on for at least one month.