Employment Services informs that due to coronavirus (Covid – 19) threat, there is a temporary suspension of live services at the client services departments, therefore, the registration at Employment Services is possible online at our webiste www.uzt.lt/registration
You will need to confirm your identity throught E-Government Gateway and to fill the jobseeker’s form. If you do not have the possibility to confirm your identity, you can call general consultation telephone 1883 and the specialist of Employment Services will identify you according to your personal data.

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Currently, due to the increased number of visitors, the website and e-services of Employment Services are heavily loaded. Employment Services provides services 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, therefore, if the desired information cannot be obtained, please try again later, during off-peak hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Phone 1883 or (+370) 5 250 0883
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Email: info@uzt.lt, eures@uzt.lt
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After the country declared a state of emergency due to coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, there is a temporary suspension of live services at the client services departments of  Employment Services.

Services from the 16th of March are provided only remotely for a period specified by the Government.

If you have a planned consultation at  Employment Services please:

  • contact your consultant by phone or call the client services department where you are registered by tel. 1883
  • in order to register at Employment Services, we recommend  to do it online at our website www.uzt.lt by clicking on the "Registration" link
  • People coming from the EU, EEA Member States and Switzerland, who wish to relocate unemployment insurance (PD U2 document), due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be served remotely by EURES eures@uzt.lt

General consultation telephone 1883

e-mail info@uzt.lt