Employment of non-EU citizens in Lithuania

In recent years, more and more foreign citizens come to Lithuania to look for a job. A third-country nationals may come to work in Lithuania with one of the following documents:

  1. Work permit;
  2. Permit for a seasonal work;
  3. A decision regarding the compliance of the profession of a foreigner with the needs of the labour market of the Republic of Lithuania;
  4. A decision regarding the compliance of a high professional qualification of a foreigner with the needs of the labour market of the Republic of Lithuania.

Each document sets out special requirements for the employee or the employment contract, as well as the period during which the foreign citizen can legally reside in Lithuania.

A work permit may be issued to a foreign citizen if there is no specialist in Lithuania who meets the qualification requirements specified by the employer. A highly qualified specialist does not need a work permit if he or she is subject to other conditions for issuing a temporary residence permit established by law.

The Employment Service are responsible for issuing, extending and revoking work permits for foreign nationals.

In order to employ a foreign citizen, the employer must contact the Customer Service Department of the Employment Service at the city where the vacancy is registered. You will find the procedure and deadlines for submitting documents, as well as a list of required documents on the website

Foreign citizens do not need to obtain a work permit or a decision on meeting the needs of the labour market if the foreigner’s profession is included in the list of missing professions in the Republic of Lithuania by the type of economic activity. In the second half of the year 2020, this list includes concreters, welders, electricians, metal hull assemblers, metal bending machine operators, drivers of international routes, tailors, weavers, butchers, slaughterers. The full list of the missing professions in the Republic of Lithuania by the type of economic activity for 2021 can be found on the website:

What are the requirements for an employment contract to employ a foreigner?


An employment contract with a foreigner must be concluded in a written form according to the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the form approved by the Minister of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania. An employment contract has to be written in two languages – Lithuanian and a language which is understandable for a foreigner.

Attention: a foreigner cannot work in a workplace other than the one which is specified in the work permit. Also, a foreigner cannot perform other work functions, except for the ones for which the work permit has been issued.

What are the requirements for the amount of salary?

The salary of a foreigner cannot be lower than the salary of a resident of the Republic of Lithuania working the same job for the same employer, and, in the absence of such employee, the salary of a foreigner cannot be lower than the latest average monthly gross salary in the national economy (including individual salary data for enterprises) by relevant economic activity.

How to equate a foreigner’s professional qualification in case a foreigner does not have a higher education qualification?

In 2017 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania adopted a legislation, which contains provisions granting a faster employment to highly qualified foreigners with at least 5 years of professional experience but no higher education diploma. The legislation establishes the procedure for equating professional experience and issuing a document which confirms that this professional experience is an alternative for a higher education qualification. The document certifying such recognition is issued only at the request of the employer and is valid only for a specific place specified by the employer.


If you are offered easy and stable income without any problems, do not believe it. You might become a victim of human trafficking when:

A stranger, relative, or acquaintance whom you have not seen or heard in a long time suddenly becomes a “benefactor”.

You are offered a well-paid job with a quick payment and “benefactor” takes care of everything, pays for everything, promises that you will be able to repay the debt when you earn it.

“Benefactor” avoids talking about himself but boasts good earnings, demonstrates expensive things.

Also, “benefactor” avoids providing detailed information about the job, the employer, the workplace, living and working conditions, and other information that is important to you.

“Benefactor” tries to control you, take away your identity documents, cell phone, and, if you refuse to listen, starts threatening.


Ask for opinion of your relatives and search the Internet for more information about the job offer, the company, the employer, learn about the situation in the labour market and official salaries. Call the Employment Service in Lithuania.


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