PES Networking

The Employment Service has been involved in the informal PES network since the year 2000 and is an active participant in the “PES to PES Dialogue” program. The Employment Service has been recognized by the European Commission as the best-prepared institution. Its highly skilled specialists organized training seminars for mid-level employment service managers of new EU countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, and the candidate countries, Croatia, and Turkey. The PES network operates regularly, but the Board meets twice a year in the member state which wields power over the EU Council to discuss the most important questions. 

The Employment Service is constantly seeking innovative solutions to apply from other countries, and currently is closely cooperating with its neighbours – “Baltic PES” (Public Employment Services of Baltic States). Cooperation includes the exchange of experience and good practices of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian employment services.

Ieva Baltrušaitienė
Coordinator of International Cooperation Projects

+370 673 04370