Situation in Labour Market

Professions on Demand in Lithuania, May 2021

For specialists
For service workers and skilled workers
For unskilled workers
Stock clerks Heavy truck and lorry drivers Freight handlers 
Advertising and marketing professionals Shop sales assistants Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments 
Commercial sales representatives Cooks  Hand packers 
Administrative and executive secretariesCar, taxi and van driversShelf fillers 
Accounting and bookkeeping clerksCarpenters and joinersManufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified 
Social work associate professionalsPainters and related workersSweepers and related labourers
Accountants House buildersDomestic cleaners and helpers
Secondary education teachersMotor vehicle mechanics and repairersCrop farm labourers
Mechanical engineersPlumbers and pipe fittersCivil engineering labourers
Social work and counselling professionalsInsulation workersHand launderers and pressers

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