There are 5 customer service departments in the Employment Service, covering 70 units providing customer services.

General information 1883 or (+370) 5 250 0883

PositionName surnameTelephone numberEmail
DirectorInga Balnanosienė+370 5
Deputy DirectorGytis Darulis+370 5
Deputy DirectorGiedrė Vitė+370 5 236
AdvisorNijolė Dilbienė+370 5 238
Head of International Relations DivisionIndrė Laučienė+370 5 274
ChancellorArūnas Marma+370 5 236
Head of National Coordination Department, EURESAgnė Peciukevičienė+370 5  
Acting Director of Vilnius Client Service DepartmentBronislava Sabina Katinienė+370 5
Director of Kaunas Client Service DepartmentTautvydas Bielozarevičius+370 37
Director of Klaipėda Client Service DepartmentJurgita Petraitienė+370 46
Director of Šiauliai Client Service DepartmentRaimondas Šukys+370 41
Director of Panevėžys Client Service DepartmentAudronė Biguzienė+370 45
Head of Vilnius District Client Service DivisionAušra Petrokienė+370 5
Head of Šalčininkai Client Service DivisionLiana Rybak+370 380
Head of Širvintos Client Service DivisionSvajonė Žedavainienė+370 382
Head of Švenčionys Client Service DivisionGenadijus Trusovas+370 387
Head of Trakai Client Service DivisionDanutė Šadžiuvienė+370 528
Head of Ukmergė Client Service DivisionEdita Mončinskienė+370 340
Head of Kaunas District Client Service DivisionGuoda Dociūtė+370 37
Head of Prienai Client Service DivisionJūratė Radzevičienė+370 319
Head of Jonava Client Service DivisionNijolė Jeremičiūtė+370 349
Head of Kaišiadorys Client Service DivisionRamutė Sinkevičienė+370 346
Head of Kėdainiai Client Service DivisionIrena Petraitienė+370 347
Head of Raseiniai Client Service DivisionDrąsė Butkienė+370 428
Head of Gargždai Client Service DivisionMarta Seminavičienė+370 46 446
Head of Kretinga Client Service DivisionVirginija Naudžienė+370 445
Head of Palanga Client Service DivisionLilija Želvienė+370 460
Head of Skuodas Client Service DivisionRomualda Sakalauskienė+370 440
Head of Šilutė Client Service DivisionInga Girdenienė+370 441
Head of Akmenė Client Service DivisionAlgis Rudys+370 425
Head of Joniškis Client Service DivisionAudronė Šlerpienė+370 426
Head of Kelmė Client Service DivisionŽidrūnas Šapalas+370 427
Head of Pakruojis Client Service DivisionSaidana Areimienė+370 421
Head of Radviliškis Client Service DivisionEglė Ivanauskytė+370
Head of Biržai Client Service DivisionEugenija Grabauskienė+370 450
Head of Kupiškis Client Service DivisionJurgita Einorytė+370 459
Head of Pasvalys Client Service DivisionLinas Kruopis+370 451
Head of Rokiškis Client Service DivisionDalia Starkuvienė+370 458
Head of Alytus Client Service DivisionVaida Kamandulienė+370 315
Head of Druskininkai Client Service DivisionDanutė Naujalienė+370 313
Head of Lazdijai Client Service DivisionRenata Jančiauskienė+370 318
Head of Varėna Client Service DivisionLoreta Butkevičienė+370 310
Head of Marijampolė Client Service DivisionŽivilė Povilaitienė+370 343
Head of Vilkaviškis Client Service DivisionReda Besasparienė+370 342
Head of Šakiai Client Service DivisionAldona Stasiulienė+370 345
Head of Telšiai Client Service DivisionDiana Abelkienė+370 444
Head of Mažeikiai Client Service DivisionRita Jurkūnienė+370 443
Head of Plungė Client Service DivisionDaiva Šakinienė+370 448
Head of Tauragė Client Service DivisionJuozas Bendikas+370 446
Head of Jurbarkas Client Service DivisionRita Kliukienė+370 447
Head of Šilalė Client Service DivisionMindaugas Macas+370 449
Head of Utena Client Service DivisionGailutė Pakenė+370 389
Head of Anykščiai Client Service DivisionJolita Kairienė+370 381
Head of Ignalina Client Service DivisionAlma Šerėnienė+370 386
Head of Molėtai Client Service DivisionRimvydas Kazlas+370 383
Head of Zarasai Client Service DivisionVirginija Abramavičienė+370 385
Head of Visaginas Client Service DivisionEugenijus Tamonis+370 386

The main functions of Lithuania PES are:

  • Provides labor market services that are defined in law on employment of Lithuania of republic and imply active labor market policy measures and employment promotion programs established by this law;
  • Establishes criteria and procedures for selection of jobseekers participation in active labor market policy measures and selection criteria and procedures for employers wishing to implement active labor market policies;
  • Carries out monitoring of labor market and consolidation in the country and its regions;
  • Together with municipal institutions, regional development councils, socials partners are considering and submitting proposals to the Ministry of Social Security and Labor on measures to address employment challenges in the context of the specificities of the region;
  • Grants the status of social enterprise and provides the state aid to them in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Social Enterprises of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Organizes the implementation of employment and social guarantees of the state enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant for the dismissed employees according to the procedure established by the Law on Additional Employment and Social Guarantees of the Employees;
  • Organize and coordinate the provision of profession rehabilitation services in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on the Social Integration of the Disabled.
  • Issue work permits in the Republic of Lithuania and take decisions in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Register the redundancies in the group;
  • According to regional policy priorities approved by the Government and the regional development plans approved by the Regional Development Council prepares and approves the programs of implementation of active labor market policy measures for the current year and publishes the publicly;
  • Performs other function assigned to it by legal acts.

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